Heat Treating

Astro has 17 ovens and furnaces available for your use. For a complete list including specifications, please visit our “Heat Treating” page.

There are three quenchant types available at Astro. Hot water quenching (140-160F) is used for forgings. Ambient (room temperature) water is also available.  We have several quench tanks containing glycol/water solutions in various concentrations. Glycol quenching is normally performed, when allowed by specification, on thin, delicate parts. Glycol quenching reduces the amount of distortion that parts exhibit following quenching.

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Astro’s Check & Straightening Department has 12,000 square feet of space, containing a multitude of presses, tables, a stretch press, surface plates and calibrated measuring tools. This department is available to remove the distortion caused by the heat-treat process.

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